Sponsorship Opportunities Earth Corps • Encore 2017

Sponsorship Opportunities

Climbing an 80 foot ropes course! Being part of a team that completes a project from beginning to end! Putting up and sleeping in a camping tent under the stars! Hiking the headwaters of Onondaga Creek and learning about water health! Cooking a meal for 20 people! Tapping sugar maples for syrup in the woods!  Discovering that the trees I plant in our parks give me and my family clean air to breathe!

You and your organization can play a part in bringing forth these experiences to the youth of our community.

Since 2004 Onondaga Earth Corps (OEC) has created opportunities for young people to make a difference in our neighborhoods, learn job readiness skills, work hard, plant trees, experience and care for our natural environment. They become committed citizens with a vision for their own future and for the future of our community.

We are grateful for the support of individuals, companies, and organizations that continue to give to the OEC without whose dedication and contributions sustain our youth and young adult programs. Every contribution enriches our programs.

Add your name, company or organization to the many donors committed to the mission of empowering our youth and building community:

  • Sponsor our Fall fundraiser, “Earth Corps * Encore 2017”
  • Advertise in our Event Program Guide
  • Donate to the fund-a-truck campaign