OEC Boat Steward Interns

Thanks to the NYS DEC, and Onondaga Environmental Institute, OEC can place young people serving their community at Oneida Lake and Onondaga Lake to help prevent and protect the lake ecosystems.  OEC’s Boat Stewards help protect our local waterways from aquatic invasive species that are easily transported through recreation activities. Through public education and daily interactions with boaters, stewards share how invasive species can spread and infest local water bodies.  Stewards will inspect boats and trailers, collect data, attend weekly meetings and spend over 90 percent of their time outdoors in, all weather.  The Steward program operates over the weekends, with some holidays, and although timing will generally be from 8am to 4 pm, start times can sometimes be as early as 6am.

Intern will be supervised by OEC’s Program Coordinator and partner organization staff. Please find more information and how to apply in the AmeriCorps Boat Steward Job Description here.

OEC Green Infrastructure and Forestry Interns

Training for this position will include: 1 to 2 overnight trips; formal and informal technical training in conservation, green infrastructure, and urban forestry; best practices for Youth Conservation Corps; youth development; professional development; and some training in truck and trailer driving. Urban Forestry Crews will work with supervisors and community partners to conduct outreach programs, plant and maintain young trees in public places across Syracuse. Green Infrastructure Maintenance crews will work with supervisors and community partners to weed, mulch, trim and otherwise improve green spaces that manage city stormwater runoff across Syracuse.

Intern will be supervised by OEC’s Green Infrastructure Coordinator and Tree Crew Supervisor.

Service times and hours will generally be scheduled during the workweek, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, with some nights and weekends.

Please find more information and how to apply in the AmeriCorps Green Infrastructure Intern Job Description here.

The Corps Network partners with OEC to bring AmeriCorps opportunities to our team.

About AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps interns will serve a minimum of 300 hour term during which they will support logistics and field work for tree planting green infrastructure maintenance and outreach. AmeriCorps was founded in 1993 by the National and Community Service Trust Act and is a federal program directed by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). Members serve their communities through conservation and outreach. Since this is a federal program, members must be 17 years old, undergo a standard background check, and be either an U.S. Citizen, an U. S. national, or lawful permanent resident of the U.S. More information can be found at www.serve.gov.