Seasonal Young Adult Crewmember Positions (ages 19-25)



YA members and their self-selected slogan, “This is what we do”


Join Syracuse’s Youth Conservation Corps for a season of environmental conservation, community development and learning professional skills. OEC also has a strong experiential learning and service component, and emphasizes learning life skills through formal lessons, on-the-job training, and through the Corps experience.

Our crews often work on a variety of projects, from public outreach and education development, to neighborhood demonstration projects and tree planting programs. Participants will be provided with basic training in environmental and community development- based work. Public presentation and creating materials, such as PowerPoints, videos, brochures, etc., are often requirements of the work, in addition to daily work outdoors in gardens and landscaping settings.

This position is a paid entry level position with Onondaga Earth Corps, and we hire for it in Spring, Summer and Call. This position could easily lead to placement on the future  seasonal crews. Those interested in working with OEC for an entire 9 month season are encouraged to apply in Spring!

Please find more info and how to apply in the Young Adult Crewmember Job Description.