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We encourage you to get to know us through a volunteer event or visiting our office prior to applying. Our application, used for all positions, can be found here : OEC Application

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OEC Conservation and Professional Development

This development course is designed to provide job seeking and job readiness skills, as well as important dialogues around personal behaviors and life skills that will likely translate to improved professional skills.

The goal of this training is to directly  recruit applicants for OEC’s Summer Young Adult Crew, as well as to provide skill-building and networking opportunities for employable youth in the greater Central New York area.

The topics to be covered during the training include:

1- Hands on experiences through local field trips,
2- Career building through skills like cover letters, resumes, job retention behaviors, and communication
3- Learning basic concepts in landscaping and environmental work (a growing career field in the 21st century!)

4- OSHA-10 is available the week before our Summer session on May 30th and 31st at SUNY EOC.

NEW! The following pertains to the Summer session:

When: June 5th, 6th and 7th, 9 am to 3:30 PM. There will be 30 minute lunch breaks
Where: SUNY EOC, 100 New St, Syracuse, NY 13202
Who: Free and open to the public.

Register: Online through this form, Conservation and Professional Development Registration, or by e-mailing the contact below, or visiting us in person.

There will be a  Fall (September) repeat of this course.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. Contact information is listed after the form submission, but you can also e-mail

Seasonal Young Adult Positions (ages 19-25)

Join Syracuse’s Youth Conservation Corps for a season of environmental conservation, community development and learning professional skills. OEC also has a strong experiential learning and service component, and emphasizes learning life skills through formal lessons, on-the-job training, and through the Corps experience.

Our crews often work on a variety of projects, from public outreach and education development, to neighborhood demonstration projects and tree planting programs. Participants will be provided with basic training in environmental and community development- based work. Public presentation and creating materials, such as PowerPoints, videos, brochures, etc., are often requirements of the work, in addition to daily work outdoors in gardens and landscaping settings.

This position is a paid entry level position with Onondaga Earth Corps and could easily lead
to placement on the future (Spring, Summer, Fall) seasonal crews. Those interested in
working with OEC for an entire 9 month season are encouraged to apply in Spring!

Please find more info and how to apply in the Young Adult Crewmember Job Description.

YA members and their self-selected slogan, “This is what we do”

Seasonal Youth Positions (ages 15-18)

The Onondaga Earth Corps hires youth ages 15 to 18 for crewmember positions throughout the year (generally spring, summer and fall sessions).  These crews typically work on a variety of outdoor projects over the course of the season.  Much of the work is related to planting trees and maintaining them afterwards through the summer months.  There is also opportunity for environmental education in city youth centers, work landscaping and improving private resident curb appeal, and working with nieghborhood outreach.

For information on the youth crew in Spring 2017, please read our Youth Crew job description. 

For Summer Youth positions, please refer to our information above detailing OEC’s summer job opportunities below. Please note, there are two processes, and it doesn’t hurt to do both!

Ameri*Corps Internships

OEC Boat Steward Interns

Thanks to the NYS DEC, and Onondaga Environmental Institute, OEC can place young people serving their community at Oneida Lake and Onondaga Lake to help prevent and protect the lake ecosystems.  OEC’s Boat Stewards help protect our local waterways from aquatic invasive species that are easily transported through recreation activities. Through public education and daily interactions with boaters, stewards share how invasive species can spread and infest local water bodies.  Stewards will inspect boats and trailers, collect data, attend weekly meetings and spend over 90 percent of their time outdoors in, all weather.  The Steward program operates over the weekends, with some holidays, and although timing will generally be from 8am to 4 pm, start times can sometimes be as early as 6am.

Intern will be supervised by OEC’s Program Coordinator and partner organization staff. Please find more information and how to apply in the AmeriCorps Boat Steward Job Description here.

OEC Green Infrastructure and Forestry Interns

Training for this position will include: 1 to 2 overnight trips; formal and informal technical training in conservation, green infrastructure, and urban forestry; best practices for Youth Conservation Corps; youth development; professional development; and some training in truck and trailer driving. Urban Forestry Crews will work with supervisors and community partners to conduct outreach programs, plant and maintain young trees in public places across Syracuse. Green Infrastructure Maintenance crews will work with supervisors and community partners to weed, mulch, trim and otherwise improve green spaces that manage city stormwater runoff across Syracuse.

Intern will be supervised by OEC’s Green Infrastructure Coordinator and Tree Crew Supervisor.

Service times and hours will generally be scheduled during the workweek, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, with some nights and weekends.

Please find more information and how to apply in the AmeriCorps Green Infrastructure Intern Job Description here.

The Corps Network partners with OEC to bring AmeriCorps opportunities to our team.

About AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps interns will serve a minimum of 300 hour term during which they will support logistics and field work for tree planting green infrastructure maintenance and outreach. AmeriCorps was founded in 1993 by the National and Community Service Trust Act and is a federal program directed by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). Members serve their communities through conservation and outreach. Since this is a federal program, members must be 17 years old, undergo a standard background check, and be either an U.S. Citizen, an U. S. national, or lawful permanent resident of the U.S. More information can be found at

Staff Positions (adults)

OEC is currently looking for staff in 2017! The Crew Supervisor performs many roles and is key to OEC’s community based tree planting and green infrastructure programs’ success. The Supervisor will lead and work with a small team of youth or young adults (ages 15-18 or ages 19-25) responsible for community outreach, identifying planting sites, tree planting, watering and caring for 400-800 trees in the City Syracuse and Town of Dewitt, and maintenance of green infrastructure installations. The position is multi‐faceted and demanding, but with opportunities for rewarding achievements, and valuable professional and career growth. See the full job descriptions for more information and how to apply.

Onondaga Lake Litter Pickup Outreach

Summer with Onondaga Earth Corps! (ages 15-25)

There are Summer Crew opportunities available at OEC for 2017. These positions will hire all ages 15 to 25 for environmental and community projects located in and around the City of Syracuse.

One opportunity for youth ages 15 to 20 is available through CNY Works summer program. Interested youth will need to apply through CNY Works (click here). OEC coordinates with CNY Works on youth placements. Please direct questions to Feel free to also tell Adrienne at that you have completed your application to CNYWorks so she can look out for it!

The second opportunity we have this summer is through a partnership with the City of Syracuse. So even if you do apply to CNYWorks, you can also follow our standard employment application process for other opportunities. Please submit an application with a cover letter stating their interest in summer employment and a brief resume to The job description is the same as above.

There are also additional Crew Supervisor positions available in the summer, and those interested in joining our staff can review the staff job description for more information and how to apply.

Volunteer Intern Positions

Are you interested in getting hands on experience with youth development, urban community revitalization and environmental stewardship? OEC offers volunteer internships to interested individuals that commit to a meaningful number of hours over a significant period of time. Internships can be set up based on individual needs and interests in conjunction with OEC administrative and programmatic needs. Contact us at if you are interested in pursuing an internship.